August 30, 2002
"Shared Ideals Forge Basis for New Business Venture"
Recently, Outta-Sites was hired to provide full advertising services to high-tech company: Lipman USA -developers of a broad line of sophisticated, microprocessor based electronic equipment and computerized systems for advanced applications, incorporating optical imaging and scanning technologies. Lipman’s main product line revolves around the designing and manufacturing of advanced wireless and tel-line point-of-sale (POS) terminals and cash registers, betting and home services terminals, thermal and impact printers, PIN pads, smart-card readers, coin-operated or credit/debit/smart card controllers for integration into vending machines, and commercial washer/dryer payment systems or numerous other card-type payment applications.

It seems that what sealed our fate in acquiring this new client, was our commonality in the technological nature of our respective businesses, for example in the highly skilled professionals employed by each company. We share the opinion that our people make the difference because they are the backbone of our ability to ‘develop, deliver and support’ our products. It soon became apparent that we would form a successful partnership. During the meeting in which we presented our business proposal to Lipman, it was revealed that we valued similar business principles and practices. Both of our companies require expertise from a wide spectrum of experienced professionals who have an in-depth understanding of the industry they represent. Working and maintaining strict quality control guidelines ensure excellence of product and service.

We are proud of the numerous awards and accolades that we have received over the years which are a testament to our ability to strategize and successfully develop a unique and creative product. Outta-Sites’ long history working with interactive media gives our company a unique perspective, which is the basic tool of our trade. The diverse backgrounds we have, in conjunction with our business strategies of practicing both traditional methods and cutting-edge technology, have appealed to Lipman USA. We are excited and confident that we are embarking on a very successful joint venture, with many long-term goals to be fully realized.

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